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Olivetta is a European inspired fine dining restaurant and cocktail bar. Based in West Hollywood the menu consists of contemporary dishes with a Californian sensibility. Since opening in 2019 Olivetta has quickly become a staple spot in West Hollywood for brunch, dinner and late night cocktails. A group of beautifully designed spaces which complement each other to create a unique atmosphere including specific pieces manufactured by Ardor. Working with Fettle we produced many products including the banquettes, barstools, ottomans and tables throughout some areas, working with a range of materials from velvets, to leathers and dark woods to achieve the look and feel that the designers set out to reach.

Los Angeles, California
Designed by:
Fettle Design
"Olivetta draws inspiration from the whimsical and theatrical elegance of the western Mediterranean and benefits from a healthy dose of West Hollywood vibrancy and exuberance."
Fettle Design